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Puerto de Sóller

200pcs | 49x36cm

At first glance this puzzle might look difficult but the various colours of the landscape are quite distinct so you won’t find it too challenging. The matte print gives the image an old-fashioned look but the photo was actually taken in late 2017.

This vibrant harbour in the north west of the island can be reached by car through a 3km tunnel, opened in 1997. A quaint vintage train between Palma and Sóller has been running since 1911. From Sóller town you can take a tram down to the harbour.

There are some beautiful walks in the area if you find the port too crowded. The famous and delicious Sóller prawns are a “must”. Local fishing boats make daily deliveries to the many local restaurants amongst which Can Ribes is one of the best.

This jigsaw will make a perfect gift for anyone who has visited Mallorca (as they are sure to have visited Sóller) or as a commemorative souvenir for yourself.


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