Lively Experiences

100pcs | 49x36cm

Tren de Sóller – a small train journey through breath taking scenery and many tunnels that all ages will enjoy.

The Balearic Donkey, Asno Mallorquín
A highly valued animal previously used for carrying heavy loads and pulling small carts that you will still come across in many rural back gardens. Letting them loose to munch away on grass and other vegetation helps lower fire risk.

Authentic Flavours; sabores de Mallorca
Many houses have their own lemon tree and the almond orchards are beautiful when in blossom. Mallorca is blessed with several strawberry seasons per year and great local ice cream producers.

Peacock; Pavo real
While not an indigenous spices this symbol for beauty and glory never fails to get noticed while fanning and shaking it’s rear plumes La Reserva Puig de Galatzó is a great walk to do with the whole family, bring a picnic to enjoy while surrounded by these fabulous birds.

Puzzle Collection

Embalse de Cúber | 500pcs

Puerto de Sóller | 200pcs

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Lively Experiences | 100pcs